Emma Corrin ‘grateful’ to Prince Harry for watching and defending ‘The Crown’

After Prince Harry admitted he does watch Netflix’s The Crown, star of the show Emma Corrin has reacted to the confession.
The 25-year-old Golden Globe winner, says she feels grateful after hearing that the Duke of Sussex does indeed watch the regal drama based on his family’s history.
In an interview given to  HollywoodLife, Corrin, who plays Harry’s late mom Princess Diana on the show, said: “That really moved me in a way that I wasn’t really anticipating.”
“When we’re making a show, we’re researching a show, on the one hand obviously, we’re dealing with real people whose lives inform the characters that we then form, but on the other hand, it’s intensely fictional…”
“It’s not something I ever felt I needed him to address or needed anyone to address, but actually hearing him say it, I’m glad that he enjoyed it. ……

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