Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall claim Paramount ‘forced’ them to cast a white actor in ‘Coming to America’

Local Journalism Initiative’I miss them a lot’ Family torn in half by conspiracy theoriesWhen Cara-Rae’s sister-in-law Ashley started believing COVID-19 conspiracy theories, the close bond between the two started to fray and eventually the family tore apart. Ashley owns a gym in a Calgary suburb. Since the pandemic started, Cara-Rae said her sister-in-law became increasingly frustrated with health restrictions and started to believe more and more unfounded theories about the pandemic. Ashley’s name has been changed to safeguard her identity. The Gazette is withholding Cara-Rae’s last name for the same cause. The impact on the small family has been huge, Cara-Rae said. Ashley is her husband’s only sibling, and became distant from the family as her beliefs shifted. Ashley lately started to follow the anti-masking movement and believes putting masks on children contributes to child abduction and trafficking. “It’s hurtful for her parents, of course, as well. They’re just devastated. ……

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