Dogs Who Strangled Woman to Death Were Not Even on Leashes at the Time, Inquest Finds

The mother-of-four was murdered in a freak accident in July.

update 12/4/2020 11:18 AM

An inquest into Mrs Roberts death has heard the dogs that accidentally choked her to death were not even on their leashes at the time.
One of the men who discovered the body told the hearing that when he found her, the loops that normally go around the dog’s necks were around her neck instead.
While assistant coroner David Pojur told the court “we don’t comprehend” why she had placed the leashes around her own neck, the family had informed investigators that she normally hung them there while walking with the dogs off the leash, presumably to free up her hands.
The inquest heard Mrs Roberts had been walking with her young niece, when it’s believed she tripped and fell. Suffering from Huntington’s disease, which increasingly affects mobility, she may have struggled to get back up.
The niece ……

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