Derek Hough Says His Dream Dance Partner Would Be Celine Dion

Derek Hough has disclosed his dream dance partner.
While talking with Kelly Clarkson on her show on Tuesday, the “Dancing with the Stars” pro-dancer-turned-judge was asked who he’d return to the show as a dancer for.
Hough said of his ideal partner, “I’ve always said Celine Dion.”
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He added, “I’ve met her a couple of times but the first time I met her was on my first season of ‘Dancing with the Stars’. She performed and I was walking up the stairs, holding some shoes and she goes ‘Derek Hough!’ I’m like ‘Celine Dion comprehends my name.’”
Continuing, “I didn’t comprehend what to say so I just said ‘I’m holding shoes’ and she’s like ‘Derek Hough is holding shoes, oh yeah!’ And then did a turn and walked away. I was like, ‘ ……

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