Dax Shepard Discloses How He Described Addiction & Relapse To His Daughters – Perez Hilton

Dax Shepard always keeps it real — even with his young daughters.
The Parenthood alum and his wife Kristen Bell are historically very open about how they parent their daughters Lincoln (8) and Delta (6). They’re also open about pretty much everything else, too, including their marriage and the actor’s addiction. Not only are those topics they share with the globe, they share it with their children as well.
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On a recent episode of Chelsea Clinton‘s podcast In Fact, she asked Dax how he speaks to his daughters about his addiction issues. He responded:
“Just like I’m talking to you.”
The 46-year-old added:
“They comprehend that father goes to an AA meeting every Tuesday and Thursday. … One of the cuter moments was, I wanna say my oldest girl was 3 — back when ……

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