Dame Judi Dench Says ‘Arguably I Was Lucky’ Not To Witness ‘Other Side’ Of Harvey Weinstein

By Corey Atad. 1 hour ago Looking back, Dame Judi Dench never had any bad experiences with Harvey Weinstein.
In a new interview with the Guardian, the legendary actress talked about her past working involvement with the disgraced Hollywood producer.
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Asked if Weinstein’s involvement in her Best Supporting Actress-winning turn as Elizabeth I in “Shakespeare in Love” has tainted the film at all, Dench said it hadn’t, because the film stands up on its own.
“I worked a lot for Harvey, a huge amount,” she added, “and he was always completely charming. Arguably I was lucky, but that’s all I understand. I feel very acutely for the people who weren’t so lucky.”
The 86-year-old was also asked by writer Xan Brooks if she felt she’d misjudged him.
“Misjudged him?” she responded. “I don’t understand that, Xan. ……

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