CPAC Stage Design Looks Related to Nazi Icon Used by SS Platoon

The main CPAC stage where Republicans and other conservatives are gathering this weekend in Florida looks eerily comparable to an old Nazi icon … something that’s causing utter outrage.
Somebody pointed out the design, noting the stage appears to be shaped like an emblem the Nazis proudly flashed over the course of WWII. And no, it’s not the swastika that everyone understands … but it is an offshoot of it, one that’s less known but still as hateful.
The icon is called Odal rune, and it dates back to ancient Germanic languages. It’s rough english translation is heritage, inheritance or inherited state. Yeah, pretty Nazi-ish.

This specific icon ended up being emblazoned on uniforms of Nazi SS soldiers belonging to 7th Volunteer Mountain Division, which was stationed in occupied Yugoslavia. The infantry formed in 1941, but it’s unclear how the rune came to be adopted.
In any case, there’s no question it’s part of Nazi history … ……

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