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Roommates, there are many films that rank as “hood classics”…and “New Jack City” is one of the best!! 30 years ago today, “New Jack City” was officially released in theaters and became an instant classic among followers—while making Wesley Snipes a star.
Wesley Snipes completely embodied the signature role of Harlem drug kingpin Nino Brown, while Ice T played cop Scotty Appleton  committed to take him down by any means necessary. Also, who could forget Chris Rock as crack fiend Pookie and Allen Payne as Nino’s right hand man, Gee Money.
Directed by Mario Van Peebles, “New Jack City” was one of the earliest “hood films” of the 90s to shine a light on the Black community as it relates to dealing with violence and drugs in the inner city—other films released around the same era include “Boyz N The Hood” and “Menace II Society.”

As Nino ……

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