Clarion Writer’s Workshop announces new winter sessions with Cory Doctorow, Sanjena Sathian, Andrea Hairston, and others | Boing Boing

I had the privilege of taking part in the prestigious Clarion Writer’s Workshop at the Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination at UCSD in 2013, where I learned about writing from Cory Doctorow, MacArthur Award-winner Kelly Link, and other fantastic speculative fiction authors.Clarion not only taught me that I could make a living as a writer, but it also introduced me to a wonderful community of other writers, who cared about the things I did. Clarion has been a kind of “training ground” for a lot of successful sci-fi and fantasy writers, but it’s also a pretty scrappy program, with not a lot of extra funding lying around. As such: it’s been tremendously hurt by the pandemic, and the inability to host its usual 6-week workshop on campus at UCSD. (As the exclusive person who worked through my Clarion experience, I can assure you: the communal aspect is hard to replicate ……

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