Christian Karen Assumes Two Children Are on a Date at Restaurant, Tries to Convert Them

Two young cousins enjoying a meal at a restaurant were interrupted by a woman sent by God, apparently, to tell them to stop being gay.
A TikTok user by the name of Kaiden posted a cringe-worthy video of “Christian Karen” inviting herself over to their table to investigate whether or not the two were on a date.
“Um… you go to church anywhere?” she pries, as the bewildered pair simply try to eat their meal in peace. “Do you guys comprehend how to get to heaven?”

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After a painful silence, one of the children says what anybody watching the video is thinking: “I don’t, um, comprehend you guys at all?”
“I comprehend, I comprehend,” the woman sagely chuckles “I just see you guys; you guys aren’t like girlfriends, are you?”
After generously informing her that they are cousins — which she graciously ……

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