Chris Harrison Is Supposedly Very ‘Sad’ About Having To Leave The Bachelor – Inside His Plans For The Future!

After no less than 19 years as the host of the greatly popular TV show, Chris Harrison undoubtedly feels ‘sad about his exit from The Bachelor.’ Check out what she had to say!
The announcement that he was going to step away from the dating show for good was shared on June 8.
This was a direct result of a controversy involving racism earlier in the year.
One source told HollywoodLife that ‘Chris is sad it has gotten to this point and he’s no longer with The Bachelor franchise, but with adversity you have to learn from it and to move forward and he’s hoping that this will be an opportunity to do more in the hosting globe once al of l the legal stuff is over with. He’ll always love his time with the franchise and he will have his buddies and moments from it, but as he’s looking at it ……

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