Chinese railway station knocked offline when Flash stops being supported | Boing Boing

The railway depot in the city of Dalian, China, was thrown into chaos on Jan. 12 when Adobe triggered a kill-switch to end its support of Flash. It turns out … it was critical for a bunch of their systems!However, the techs who run IT for the station appeared to have quite a sense of humor about it, though, because as they scrambled to revert to an earlier version of Flash, they posted real-time WeChat updates about their struggle — “in the style of a military thriller, written with all the self-awareness of Dwight from ‘The Office’,” as David Cohen and Yue Sun quipped on Technode.
As they write …

The staff divided into hardware and software task forces, and attempted to restore an older version of Flash from a backup “GHOST system,” an effort marked by triumphs and defeats. By 10 p.m., they had mainly restored computers to backup states—when, instantly, ……

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