Chief Keef Baby Mama Brags About Aborting 5 Celebrity Children (Lil Durk, Odell, Lil Baby)!!

Rapper Chief Keef’s baby mama Slim Danger is going viral this morning, for bragging about aborting the children of NFL star Odell Beckham, Chief Keef, Chicago rapper Lil Durk, soccer player Noah Beck, and Lil Baby.MTO News learned that the pretty 24 year old single mom went on Tiktok to brag about all the men who impregnated her. And according top Slim Danger, she aborted children from all of the men.Folks on social media are referring to the Chicago IG model as a “serial killer,” because she’s publicly bragging about ending 5 pregnancies.BLOGGER KILLS NYC POLICE OFFICER; ‘F**K THE POLICE’Blogger KILLS NYC Officer After Ranting On Video ‘F**k The Police’!! (; 0:31) Watch:Here are the men, whom she claims she aborted, along with their net worths.Odell Beckham: NFL player, net worth $25 million.Lil Baby: Rap superstar, net worth $15 millionChief Keef: Rapper, net worth $10 millionLil Durk: Rapper, net ……

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