Cheryl Burke Falls & Suffers Terrifying Head Injury Over the course of ‘DWTS’ Rehearsal — Watch

Cheryl Burke shockingly slammed her head against the ballroom floor after slipping and falling while practicing a move with partner AJ McLean over the course of a rehearsal for an next episode of ‘Dancing with the Stars’.

Cheryl Burke, 34, is recovering after hitting her head hard enough to cause an injury over the course of a recent rehearsal for the Oct. 26 episode of Dancing with the Stars. The professional dancer was laying down after audibly falling backward on the ballroom floor while taking on an intense move with partner AJ McLean, 42, in a new clip, which was obtained by PEOPLE and can be seen here. “Cheryl and I were practicing over the course of stage rehearsal and it did not go well,” AJ says in the beginning of the clip. “It happened so fast, I just heard her head hit the floor.”

Cheryl then holds her head, in the clip, and AJ rushes over to her and asks,” Are ……

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