Charlie Balducci’s Cause of Death Disclosed

Six months later, new details have been released about “True Life” star Charlie Balducci’s cause of death.
The New York City Medical Examiner’s Office told TMZ that Balducci died from a drug overdose, an acute intoxication of oxycodone, hydrocodone, and alprazolam.
Balducci’s death at 44 has been ruled incidental.
In July, TMZ reported Balducci was found dead in his bed in his New York home.
According to his mother, Balducci’s death was unexpected since he had no known illnesses. In their last conversation, he told her how happy he was to have his two boys, ages 17 and 19, with him.
In one of his last tweets, posted July 20, he shared his appreciation for life with an image that said, “Today let us recall that life gives no guarantees. It is uncertain and unpredictable. Hence, it is our complete duty to make the most of each day.”
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