CBD As a Sports Recovery Tool

Whether you’re just playing some pick-up games at the rec center, competing in a professional league, or even just working out at the gym, exercising regularly can take a severe toll on your body. Over time, the physical exertion from training can begin to wear down on an athlete’s body. Wear and tear will affect joints, muscles, ligaments, and other parts that are exerted over the course of the exercise. While stretching before and after workouts can undoubtedly help reduce the likelihood of injury, many athletes still turn to pain reassurance in the form of NSAIDs. For serious injuries, they may use powerful and addictive painkillers like opiates. For much of the history of professional sports, pro athletes have even been encouraged to use prescription medications by team doctors or coaches. These can lead to severe health conditions later in life. The recent boom of interest and research regarding cannabidiol, also ……

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