Catherine Zeta-Jones Thinks Her Aspiring Actor Children Will Have A HARDER Time Because Of Their Famous Parents?! – Perez Hilton

Are we about to see the next generation of one of the longest, most successful acting dynasties of all time??
Catherine Zeta-Jones stopped by The Drew Barrymore Show on Tuesday and couldn’t help but spill the tea on her children, mom-to-mom.
Her girl Carys Douglas just turned 18, and — as it turns out — is interested in acting, just like her parents!  And so is her 20-year-old boy, Dylan Douglas! She gushed:
“Their love of the craft of acting is so powerful… their brains, they are doing politics and history in school, but their passion is acting. And they’ve never done anything professional, but they would like to go into acting.”
Their dad, Michael Douglas, is a second generation film star, the boy of the late, great Kirk Douglas. So he had some words of wisdom for them about making a name for themselves when they’re living in ……

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