Cast & Creator Of ‘The West Wing’ Visit ‘The Late Show’ Ahead Of HBO Max Reunion

“Yes, of course, the actors influenced the characters as we went,” Sorkin said. “That’s one of the really nice things of doing series television, about staying with something. I stayed with it for four years. You’re kind of on your own with the pilot. Then, with this group, starting with episode two, you start to get to understand them a little bit and they’re really filling out these characters and it just starts to work. I think we had some very good episodes in the first season, but I feel like it took us the first year to learn how to do the show.”
In that respect, Sheen recalled that he wanted the faith of his character, President Josiah Bartlet, to reflect his own real-life Catholicism.

“I wanted Bartlet to have a personal reference of morality so that it went beyond the normal course of politics or ……

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