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Canada’s top film producers balk at new focus on gender and racial equality to win federal funds

Article content continuedThe allocation of the Fast Track stream was initially created with 50-50 input between civil servants and sector members, but that was later cut back to 35 per cent input from sector. The sector side of the stream, which is allocated via the success index, accounted for $24 million in funding in 2019-20, according to Telefilm’s annual report. The Crown corporation recoups roughly $5 million per year from films that generate positive returns, Telefilm executives said.
Bourdages said special interest groups and other representatives in the consultations said that there was an overemphasis on commercial scoring that took precedence over all other considerations.
“Most conversations that we had with producers were around their score, and not necessarily around the creative or the strength of their project,” he said.
Sector insiders now worry the success index could either be permanently scrapped or have its goal posts adjusted. In a summary of ……

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