‘Cake Boss’ Star Buddy Valastro Tries Icing A Cake For 1st Time After Almost Losing His Hand — Photos

Buddy Valastro is back at it! The Cake Boss has practiced icing a cake with his non-dominant hand, after suffering a major injury over the course of a bowling accident.

It seems nothing stops the Cake Boss star Buddy Valastro from doing what he loves! Less than two weeks after the 43-year-old almost lost his hand in a freak bowling accident, he took to Instagram to disclose he was attempting to ice a cake with his non-dominant hand. “Family time is the BEST time! Doing it all over again, left handed..” the star baker captioned his October 3 post. In the happy snaps of his family, Buddy’s boys Buddy Jr., 16 and Marco, 13, and girl Sofia, 17, were seen frosting their own cakes. His wife Lisa was also seen smiling behind her husband.

Admirers were quick to show their support for the reality TV star, who suffered nerve, tendon and muscle damage. “So glad to ……

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