ByTowne Cinema announces permanent closure: ‘I wish things could be distinct’

Article content continued“Many just don’t want to make a non-essential trip to a cinema.”
Unlike earlier government-ordered temporary shutdowns, White said, “the December 31st closure is more permanent.”
The theatre will no longer sell memberships or pre-paid vouchers, and details for refunds were posted on the ByTowne.ca website.
White said while there have been fewer customers, there have also been fewer films to screen.
“We’re running out of films,” White said. “Since the pandemic hit, distributors have also had to make some business decisions. They’ve sold some titles to streaming services, skipping the marketing expense of releasing them to only a few limited-seating cinemas.”
Other forthcoming films have been moved from the normally busy fall and winter season to “some unspecified point in a possibly rosier future,” White said.
“Normal film distribution, normal cinema operations, and normal moviegoing are all waiting for a widely available ……

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