Bruce Willis Admits to ‘Error in Judgement’ After Viral Maskless Pharmacy Shot Backlash

The actor was purportedly asked to either pull up the bandanna he was dressed in or leave the LA Rite-Aid — so he chose to leave without making a purchase.

An incident that happened over the weekend started to pick up some steam on Tuesday as a shot of Bruce Willis walking through a Rite-Aid in Los Angeles without a mask on started to go viral on Twitter.
Promptly, users on the social media platform started to criticize the star for choosing to forego a mask even as Los Angeles continues to see a tremendous spike in active COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths.


Anti-Mask Protesters Invade LA Stores, Antagonize Customers
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Moreover, Page Six reported that Willis, who was dressed in a bandanna around his neck, was asked to lift it up to cover his mouth and nose while in the store. Instead, according to the report, he opted to ……

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