Britney Spears, 38, Dances To Madonna In Very Revealing Red Halter Top — Watch

One of Madonna’s most sizzling songs got Britney Spears hot and bothered. She wore a black swimsuit bottom and a tiny wrap around halter while doing a sultry dance to ‘Justify My Love.’
Icon to icon! Britney Spears loves doing at-home dance routines for her Instagram followers, and she really brought out all the stops in a new Oct. 19 IG video set to Madonna‘s steamy 1990 hit “Justify My Love.” At the time that the 62-year-old released the tune, the music video was so racy that the initial cut was rejected by MTV. Now Britney is channeling the heat from the song by busting out some super smoldering moves. She could be seen swaying her hips while bending her knees, and donning one of her tiniest dance outfits yet. Britney’s 2003 MTV VMAs kissing partner Madonna would be so proud of how the pop princess is keeping the song hot 30 ……

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