Breaking Bad IRL? Greatly popular Teacher Murdered Trying To Rob Drug Cartel – Perez Hilton

A North Carolina community is in shock after a greatly popular charter school teacher was murdered in a shootout on Thursday, unveiling his involvement with a criminal enterprise.
In a plot straight out of Breaking Bad, teacher Barney Dale Harris, along with a team of people, was reputedly trying to rob a Mexican drug cartel’s stash house when he was shot execution style. According to investigators, the team is believed to have broken into a trailer at a mobile home park in Green Level, North Carolina to steal drugs and money.
Police responded to reports of gunshots heard in the area at around 12:52 a.m.; upon arriving at the scene, they found the educator — who was dressed in a bulletproof vest, mask, and gloves — and an accomplice with multiple gunshot wounds. Harris was pronounced dead at the scene, while the other victim, later identified as Alonso Beltran Lara, was brought to ……

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