Booked and Busy! See the ‘Are You The One’ Season 2 Cast Today

A simple equation? Not in the least. After the highly successful start season of Are You The One, 20 new single contestants flew to San Juan, Puerto Rico, to identify their ideal matches for a shot at love and a cash prize. Of course, it’s much harder than it looks with feelings involved and a dating algorithm in play.

The group had the challenge of identifying 10 Ideal Matches while living together so they could all walk away with a portion of the $1 million award. As if that’s not enough pressure, they had an 11th girl thrown into the mix. 
Christina LeBlanc had no choice but to bring her A-game because she and another girl were destined to face-off as a mystery man’s Ideal Match before heading to the Truth Booth to find out which lady was better suited for him in the long run. 

After correctly guessing eight ……

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