Blueface Asks ‘Wtf Is A Cult’ In Reaction To Backlash He Received For The Treatment Of Women In His ‘Blue Girls Club’ – The Shade Room

In spite of Blueface being banned from Instagram, he’s still poppin’ his stuff on Twitter, where he has been trending over the past few days for some footage from his “Blue Girls Club.”
Blueface’s take on Oxygen’s loved “Bad Girls Club” show has gone viral before for some of the physical fights that have gone down in his home between the women who were staying there.
He’s once again getting dragged for the show, which streams exclusively on OnlyFans, because of the treatment of women staying with him.
Video from the show that went viral on Twitter showed the women staying in bunk beds. The women were also reputedly coerced into getting tattoos of Blueface’s name and/or his face.
“You …

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