Blake Shelton Opens Up About Working With Gwen Stefani, How ‘The Voice’ Impacted His Life & More

For his latest “At Home With” conversation for Apple Music 1, Zane Lowe chats with Blake Shelton.
Among the topics of conversation Shelton addressed was working with (and living with) fiancé Gwen Stefani, and the impact that “The Voice” has had on his life.
“Gwen and I wrote a song together about five years ago, I think, perhaps six… called ‘Go Ahead and Break My Heart’, and it was on If I’m Honest album. And I recall at that time we were just starting to see each other and we were both going through horrible breakups, divorces, horrible in that it was just it was just sad. And there was times where Gwen and I would be like, ‘Are we rebounding here? Is that what we’re doing together? Because this makes no sense,’” he said of the early days of his involvement with Stefani.

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