Billie Eilish Is Back & NOT Playing It Safe! Check Out Her Separate Sound & Powerful Music Video! – Perez Hilton

Billie Eilish is doing something a little distinct!
The 19-year-old multiple Grammy winner announced this week that her next album, Happier Than Ever, is coming quite soon — July 30 — and on Thursday morning she gifted admirers with the first song and music video. In addition to the change to blonde hair, the musical instrumentation has also gone through a makeover for Your Power, focusing on a folkier, acoustic guitar-driven sound.
What hasn’t changed is gurl still understands how to pump her music videos chock full of symbolism. In this case the vid — directed by Billie herself — sees the singer sitting by herself alone in the wilderness as a big, black snake slowly coils itself around until it’s strangling her.
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The phallic imagery fits with the anti-patriarchal themes of the song, which seems to be about men taking advantage of younger women over whom they ……

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