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Bill Maher Criticizes RBG for Not Taking Obama’s Hint to Retire

Bill Maher’s politics seem mainly aligned with the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg, but he thinks RBG messed up by not taking Barack Obama’s “hint” to retire before he left office.
The ‘Real Time’ host was on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and railed on the Dems for being a “loser party” that doesn’t comprehend how to do politics.
Jimmy gave Bill props for the way he handled RBG’s death — he was on the air when someone broke the news to him and he pivoted in expert fashion. But, Bill thinks we never should have been in this position where RGB rolled the dice Trump would not be elected and if he was elected she could outlast him.

The “Real Time” host said there was a reason Obama invited RGB to The White House, because he says Obama didn’t just invite people over to shoot the breeze … he invited her, he said, ……

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