Benzino Apologizes To Coi Leray After Making Remarks On Twitter

“Nobody wins when the family feuds,” JayZ said it best. For months it seems like Coi Leray and Benzino have publicly called each other out on social media, but after their recent back and forth, things seem like they have finally taken a step in the right direction. Earlier this week, Coi shared a tweet saying how much she loves her dad, but Benzino called her out just days later for her public display of affection.
He tweeted, ”So not only is the internet the place to tell someone you got beef, but it’s all the place to tell someone you love them? How bout using the same phone for the keypad and call button. Sh**s fake asf.” He continued, “It’s funny how all the internet people respond emotionally when you make a comment in your best interest, but since it’s not what they want to ……

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