Bachelorette Blowup: Guys Fight for Tayshia — But Even More with Each Other

With the common enemy uniting them gone, along with original Bachelorette Clare Crawley, the guys start turning on one another.

The whole vibe in “The Bachelorette” resort changed almost straight away after Clare Crawley departed with her insta-fiance Dale Moss, leaving 16 guys without a common enemy or target for their frustration.
While the arrival of new Bachelorette Tayshia Adams and four new men shook things up the previous week, the bubbling tension started to boil over almost straight away this week. In particular, Ed took issue with Chasen for using comparable phrases to describe Tayshia as he did for Clare.


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Now, to be fair to Chasen, Ed and Bennett also had a lot of fun mocking his limited vocabulary, so is this really a testament to his lack of genuine interest in this process ……

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