Ayesha Curry’s Back To Being Black: Eliminates Contacts, No Longer Blonde!!

Ayesha Curry came under fire two weeks ago, when she showed off a new look, that many of her admirers thought made her appear Caucasian.
Now, MTO News validated, that Ayesha is responding to the backlash – by coming back to her Black roots.
Here are the controversial images that Ayesha leaked that stirred up all the mess online::

As you can see, Ayesha dyed her hair Blonde, and wore Blue colored contacts. NBA star Steph Curry’s wife also appeared to lighten her skin – either through makeup or chemicals.

Many of Ayesha’s African American admirers responded negatively to the pictures. She was accused to trying to “look White.”

Well Ayesha heard the criticism, and responded. She released these images of herself yesterday, which look a lot more “Black.”

But if you like “Black” version of Ayesha better, you may hav etc wait a bit to get her back totally.
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