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ASK AMY: These office mates cannot be mates

Article content continuedI am deeply hurt by this. It may be time for me to redefine my involvement with her. I love her dearly, and I understand that she doesn’t consider me her closest mate, but this recent berating and subsequent cold shoulder are not acceptable in my mind.
Am I overreacting? What do I say to her the next time Elizabeth hurts her and she wants a shoulder to cry on?
— Hurting
Dear Hurting: Life at your office seems like a veritable den of drama. This is not to diminish how hurt you feel, but to advise you to step carefully.
So yes — “redefine,” and do so quickly, while you still seem to hold a shred of affection for “Camilla” (why you do is something of a mystery).
If she comes to you complaining about “Elizabeth,” listen, don’t respond, say something innocuous, like, “Well, that’s a ……

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