Asian Doll Makes Controversial Comment About Indian Food On Twitter

Asian Doll is not one to keep quiet about anything she feels, especially on Twitter. She tweeted that she was at a restaurant and thought the Indian food looked nasty in a now-deleted tweet, which caused up quite a stir. Asian tweeted, “I’m at this Indian restaurant. What should I order? Everything looks nasty.” One person commented, “Asian Doll, you need to delete this. Am I right?!” Asian responded to another user who tweeted, “They was gone get mad at the “everything looks nasty” part,” Asian responded, “but did I lie?”
She continued, “Damn, I can’t ask WTF to eat at a restaurant without childish a** bi***es cracking jokes?” These tweets have been deleted as well. Many people felt that Asian was disrespectful towards the Indian culture. Several Twitter users shared their opinion. One tweeted, “She has the audacity to name herself “Asian” but slandering Asian food. ……

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