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Apple Wallet Will Allow People To Store Their Driver’s License, Work

Roommates, if you’re like me and have the inclination to misplace important things like your keys and Driver’s License, you’ll be happy to learn of this Apple update! The good folks at Apple are always working to give us some of the best features on the iPhone that we don’t realize we need! Through the Wallet feature, Apple is about to help many of us save time in the airport when we go through security checkpoints.
According to reports from Yahoo Finance, iPhone users can say “goodbye” to the hassle of digging in their wallets to pull out their Driver’s License before entering the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) security checkpoints in airports. Individuals with iOS 15 can use their Apple Wallet to store driver’s licenses, just like it does credit cards.
The digital version of your driver’s license will function just like a physical ……

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