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Anti-Masker Grabs Megaphone, Climbs Display to Rant Inside Costco

The COVID vaccines aren’t convincing this guy to put on a face covering and ride out the storm — instead, he climbed a Costco clothing rack armed with a megaphone and let ‘er rip.
This rant heard round the wholesaler went down Sunday in Tustin, CA … and the guy taking the stand against face masks was greeted with a mix of fist bumps and haters.

COVID-denier in California uses a megaphone in Costco to go on a crazy rant. This is the modern Republican party. image.twitter.com/snt7VOSqex
— Fifty Shades of Whey (@davenewworld_2) December 14, 2020 @davenewworld_2

Over the course of his moment in the spotlight, he spewed dubious claims about the CDC, masks and the virus … all while standing in the middle of a display full of clothing. Call it his Kirkland Signature pulpit.
Some Costco shoppers showed support, apparently picking and choosing when to listen to science … since they opted for ……

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