Amanda Bynes Looks Unidentifiable In Exclusive New Image 8 Months After Getting Engaged

Amanda Bynes made her great comeback on Instagram with a few changes, after spending a few months ‘in treatment’ earlier in 2020. The Nickelodeon star looked incredible!
Amanda Bynes, 34, returned to Instagram with a clean slate on Oct. 2. Gone were all of her past posts, which were replaced by a image of herself rocking jet black hair and side-swept bangs. Her outfit was equally punk rock, with a yellow plaid flannel, graphic tee, ripped jeans and transparent glasses — she looked so adorable!

Amanda’s Instagram handle was also renamed to @matteblackonlinestore (a change that she actually made in July of 2020). Although it’s unclear what this means, The Amanda Bynes Show star did tease that she would be launching an “online store” earlier this year. “Update: Getting my Bachelor’s degree from FIDM. Taking online classes, trying to get a 4.0 GPA :]. Looking forward to starting my online store in the future # ……

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