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Almost everything you need to understand about outdoor patio heaters | Boing Boing

There are currently about a dozen outdoor patio heaters setup around my very small patio at home. This includes several propane models that would easily constitute a fire hazard if they were all to be ignited at the same time. Fortunately, I’m only running them one at time — as part of my testing regime for the new Wirecutter/New York Times guide to the best outdoor patio heaters. I’ve spent the last month researching, interviewing people, and living with a variety of these models.Unfortunately, outdoor patio heaters are hard to find right now, because everyone’s anticipating their need to keep warm outside in order to continue social distancing as the months get cooler. So this guide’s a little distinct than your standard Wirecutter fare. There’s no “Top Pick,” because even if we could tell what the single best one was, there’s no guarantee you’d be able to buy it. ……

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