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All the Stars Who Played the President on Saturday Night Live

These stars have taken part in one of SNL’s highest honors!

There’s no doubt that playing the president is one of the most coveted roles on “Saturday Night Live” and over the years, some major stars have had the chance.
Since “SNL” debuted in 1975, eight distinct presidents have been parodied while in office — from Gerald Ford to Donald Trump. While one actor or cast member usually takes on the role for a majority of the skits, sometimes an unexpected personality will step in. Remember The Rock Obama? And sometimes, a cast member will get to show their versatility by portraying multiple presidents. Darrell Hammond has played four!
On occasion, actual presidents themselves have joined the cast, including Barack Obama and George W. Bush. Donald Trump has even hosted the show!
We’ve compiled all the stars who have portrayed the sitting presidents since the “SNL” premiere, noting who played them ……

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