Alabama Man Asks 3 Yr Old Boy To Help MURDER His Mother On Facebook!! (Vid)

A man from Mobile Alabama is facing possible kidnapping and assault charges, after a video leaked – showing the man verbally abusing his girlfriend. And MTO News learned that the man tried to convince the woman’s 3 year old boy to MURDER HER on Livestream.The video is extremely disturbing – and has been making its way across social media. As of this morning, the video had been viewed more than 100,000 times.In the video, which MTO News posted below, the abusive man can be heard berating his girlfriend in front of their two toddler children. The man accuses the woman of sleeping with her mates, and “calling the law” on him for no cause.Then he tries to get the couple’s toddler boy, to help murder his own mother. He asks the toddler boy to put a plastic bag over his mothers head – and describes that he plans to ……

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