Akbar V Cusses Out Teen Rapper Who Hopped On Her Live (Video) – The Shade Room

Akbar V makes it known she’s not one to play with, and apparently she makes no exceptions for children either.
While on Instagram Live Friday, Akbar V got what seemed to be a young teen and aspiring rapper together for joining her live. The boy hopped on her live hoping to rap but she shut the whole interaction down rather quickly.
“Let me tell you something boy, don’t come on here playing with me, motherf***ing Caucasian child. Do not come playing with me,” she snapped at the boy. “Do you hear me? This is involvement advice only.”

Apparently, Akbar was trying to keep things 18 and over on her live and let the teen understand she was not playing with him.
“Find you somebody to motherf***ing play with. Do it look like I play?” she asked the boy, to which he responded, “No, I’m sorry.”
She ……

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