AJ McLean Recalls The First Time He Did Cocaine Before Video Shoot For ‘The Call’

By Jamie Samhan. 3 hours ago AJ McLean was very open about “being an addict” and the first moment he did cocaine in a new interview.
The Backstreet Boys singer talked to People about hiding his substance abuse issues for years before seeking treatment.
“I never really had a desire for the drugs, but being an addict — to me, that word encompasses everything,” McLean said.
“I was introduced to cocaine literally the night that we shot the video for ‘The Call’. It was the first time I ever tried it because it was a late-night shoot. I was with a ‘mate’ at the time — who’s clearly not a mate anymore — and offered it to me. I said, ‘No.’ Then I caved and I did it.”
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McLean recalled how by the time he was ……

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