Addison Rae Discloses Whether Her Hectic Career Has Affected Her Love Life

Addison Rae discusses how her hectic career has affected her love life in a new interview with “The Morning Mash Up” on SiriusXM.
The social media star, who lately released her start single “Obsessed”, shares: “Right now is my time to focus on me and I’ve kind of really just taken control of that and realize that you can only get presented opportunities for so long and then they kind of go away.
“And when you’re in a involvement, especially like a intimate one, I’m very guilty of putting a lot into that and loving that. And I think my entire life I’ve kind of always looked up to love. I’m a hopeless intimate, if you will. But I do understand that perhaps now’s my time to be hopelessly in love with myself and that’s kind of what I’ve been trying to ……

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