9 Times We Realized We’re Getting Old

1. Ouch!

When I couldn’t sleep without hurting something on me. Currently stuck awake because I hurt my shoulder sleeping.

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2. Being Older Than My Doctor

My grandmother described her doctor as being a lovely young man. My aunt told us he was actually in his mid 60’s.

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3. OK, Boomer

When you bring up events, actors, music or shows that everyone knows about, and discover that no one knows what you are talking about.

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4. Time Flies

I had a dream the other day about being in high school again, then I woke up and realized I was 28. Then it dawned on me that I’m actually 38.

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5. Weak Sock Game

One year I didn’t get any socks for Christmas and was very disappointed.

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6. Every Bowl Matters

My wife and I went to a party, we brought guacamole. We left the party and forgot the bowl.

My wife and I talked the next two days about how we need the bowl back and when we finally coordinated with the other couple and got our bowl back we were extremely happy.

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7. It’s Good For The Bowels

My wife and I had a 20-minute long discussion about fiber. That was it. We were officially old right then.

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8. Brave New World

When the new person I was training at work told me she was born in 2002.

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9. What if it … like … doesn’t turn on?

Reading reviews on Amazon for light-bulbs. Enough said.

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