9 Perfectly Normal Things That Terrify Us

1. Interviews

So, tell us about yourself.

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2. The Garbage Disposal

When I’m putting my hand into the garbage disposal to clear it, I don’t allow anyone else in the kitchen because I know someone is somehow going to turn it on.

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3. Knocking On My Door

Unexpected knocking on my door. I have nothing to hide, all my bills are paid but for some reason I get a mild panic attack when someone knocks.

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4. Mirrors in a dark room

Like if you turn the light off in the bathroom before leaving. I immediately avoid looking at said mirror in fear of seeing something demonic.

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5. Grasshoppers

They’re just way too unpredictable and it’s terrifying!

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6. Grand Theft Feather

I have an irrational fear that someone will break in and steal my parrot whenever I leave my house. I love my parrot way too much.

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7. Shampooing With My Eyes Closed

I’ve seen too many horror movies to enjoy darkness.

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8. Aging

The thought of getting to a point where I won’t be able to take care of myself anymore scares the living daylights out of me. I’m much less scared of dying than I am of outliving my ability to do anything.

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9. Feeling Warm

The thought that something me be immediately wrong regardless of how hot it is outside. Usually the anxiety feeds off itself and leads to a full blown attack.

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