8 Character Deaths We Still Haven’t Gotten Over

1. Titanfall 2 : BT-7274

There’s a hint post credits that he uploaded himself into Jack’s helmet, so there may be hope yet! Assuming Titanfall 3 ever gets made.

2. Ned Stark – Game of Thrones

I was so shocked when they actually did it. The moment I realized this isn’t going to be like all the other movies & shows.

3. Boromir – Lord of The Rings

When I first watched LOTR, I couldn’t have cared less when Boromir died. He was arrogant, not as cool as anyone else, and dangerously drawn to the ring.

However, as I’ve gotten older, I find myself connecting with Boromir more with every watch. He clearly cares deeply for the other members of the fellowship. Unfortunately, he also feels the weight of responsibility for his people, and the pressure from his father. The ring fed into that tortuous quandry, and nearly drove him mad.

The scene where he comes to his senses after driving Frodo off is heartbreaking now. So, so horrified at what he’d done. So vulnerable, so human. And despite believing that he had doomed the world, he threw himself into protecting that which he could still reach, the other hobbits. Everything he had, including his life. And his last moments with Aragorn, oof. The love and pride that bursts from him.

Boromir is a great character.

4. Maximus – Gladiator

They carried Maximus out like a warrior, like he was the leader. While Commodus was simply left dead in the mud. Showed just how much they didn’t care or believe in the “rightful” leader he claimed to be.

5. Hoban Washburne – Firefly

“I like to think that zoe was pregnant during the events of the movie and that, somehow, the fetus survived the mess they got in to with the reavers. It helps me cope.”

6. Mike: Breaking Bad

Involved in a bad life but the love for his granddaughter. Heart breaking.

7. Leslie Burke : Bridge to Terabithia

The author who wrote the original story had a young son who had a best friend who died abruptly when the child was struck by lightning in 1974. The young friends death and it’s impact on her son and her is what inspired the book.

8. Tadashi Hamada : Big Hero 6

The scene eats me up every time. That lady runs out and says that Dr. Callahan is still inside. If she hadn’t said anything Tadashi never would have went in the building.

I think what’s saddest about the scene is that you had a highly successful young man who overcame the circumstances of not having a mom and dad at an early age and was a great big brother with a lot of love. All that stripped away in a moment. It’s a real thing that can happen too.

Have any other PTSD-inducing fictional character deaths? Let us know in the comments.

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