9 Things We Really Hate But We Wish We Loved


1. Work

We all wished we loved our work, but it consumes more of life than we prefer.

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2. Exercise

Here’s the truth about exercise for some people. It’s something you need to do, in some form, on a regular basis. It’s like brushing your teeth. Do you enjoy brushing your teeth?

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3. Going To Bed Early

I will fight to stay awake into the wee hours of the morning. But once I’m asleep, my priorities totally shift, and nothing matters more than staying in bed. It’s … less than ideal.

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4. Personal Discipline

 I just love not doing anything, other than the bare minimum. I wish I could have that sort of ambition to do something new or exciting, but watching a movie or taking a nap is so much better.

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5. Talking To People

My biggest lament in life is that I waste so much of my time alone desperate to experience what it’s like to connect with another human, and then – when a conversation finally occurs – I feel almost immediately disinterested and trapped.

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6. My Coworker

We spend so much time together and my week would be so much more enjoyable if she wasn’t such a miserable person to be around.

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7. Studying

Online school has made me discover even more that I have a big procrastinating problem. I would wake up feeling ready to get things done and when I try I just get distracted.

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8. Running

I get up 30 minutes earlier that usual to run every morning. But damn it I hate doing it. I only force myself to do it since that makes me feel not guilty (perhaps a little happy too) all day.

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9. Makeup

I wish I could wear it but I just find it so uncomfortable that I can’t take it & I always end up wiping it off within 20 minutes.

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Do you have any other activities you hate but want to badly love? Let us know in the comments below!


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