5 Best Moisturizers to Combat Dry January Skin

You may not be participating in dry January, but your skin most surely will be feeling the dehydrating effects of the winter month. Between indoor heating systems and the brisk, cold outdoor air, your skin is crying out for a little extra love and attention. Give it what it needs with the help of some seriously dependable moisturizers. We gathered up five of our favorites to make it easy for you — no matter your skin type.

The best all-around moisturizer is none other than EltaMD’s Moisturizer. It soothes even the most sensitive skin thanks to its straightforward formula made with petroleum. It’s the ideal pick for those who suffer from eczema and other skin worries. It can even help promote healing following chemical peels, lasers and any other treatments! And depending on your application process, you can pick it up in a jar or tube for a super ……

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