24 Characters That Didn’t Deserve To Die

1. Bubba – Forest Gump

“I wanna go home Forest…”. Probably one of the saddest movie deaths in history.

2. Dizzy Flores – Starship Troopers

All she ever did was love that stupid Casper Von Dien and kick ass. Poor girl.

3. King Kong

Why couldn’t we just leave him be on his island?

4. Fives – Star Wars Clone Wars

Fives died the way he said no clone should, being killed by another clone.

5. Roxy : Kingsman

How did she just get fridged at the beginning of The Golden Circle. She was so badass.

mine* alcohol cw guns cw sophie cookson kingsman kingsmanedit roxy ...

6. Chubbs : Happy Gilmore

At least he got his hand back in heaven and made peace with the alligator.

7. Finnick : Hunger Games

He recently got married and his wife was pregnant. Also one of my fav characters from the series. I was so upset when he died

8. John Marston: Red Dead Redemption

From a man who abandoned his family, to a man who gave his life to protect them. John Marston truly embodied the word “redemption”. A great man.

9. Bob : Stranger Things

He didn’t deserve to die after carrying Frodo and the Ring up that mountain…oh wait, wrong movie.

10. Dr. King Schultz – Django

The doctor knew he had to kill Calvin Candie out of principle even though he knew it was going to lead to his immediate death. A true human in many regards.

11. Kenny – South Park

Poor kid comes from a poor family and has an alcoholic dad – to top it off, Cartman regularly gives him shit for being in poverty. Kenny died a total of 126 times in South Park!

Eric Cartman Death GIF by South Park - Find & Share on GIPHY

12. Lance Sweets : Bones

The way they killed Sweets felt straight up disrespectful to the character. Like, they just kinda found the body. That’s the worst way to present a character’s death, especially when they have that big of an impact on the show.

At the very minimum they should have added suspense instead of “surprise, we killed the psychologist that everybody loves!”

13. Sean Bean

Apparently he’s so tired of playing in death scenes that he’s been outright rejecting them recently.

14. Remus Lupin – Harry Potter

It was sad, both with Tonks’ death because they fought for their child’s future, yet never lived long enough to parent Teddy in peace.

15. Bobby Singer

He was a father figure for Sam & Dean. He stuck with them through thick and thin, only to be killed off by a Leviathan.

16. Tadashi : Big Hero 6

He was such a good guy, he just wanted to help and save people. The only reason he died was because he tried to save Callahan from the fire. Plus, I had the biggest crush on him.

17. Charles Xavier : Logan

The reason why Patrick Stewart’s portrayal in that movie was so moving is partially due to his experiences with a family member who had severe dementia.

18. Kakyoin – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

3:21 truly is the most powerful moment. Kakyoin is completely weakened but hearing Dio say that he will kill Joseph gives him the last necessary strength. Brilliant display of the sheer power of love, friendship and compassion.

19. Hughes : FMA

The man loved his daughter so much.

Maes Hughes GIF - Maes Hughes FullMetalAlchemist - Discover ...

20. Sirius Black – Harry Potter

That one was a hammer blow. I remember reading that book knowing that a major character was supposed to die. However, it’s so close to the end that I’d thought that I’d fallen for a rumor.

Then Sirius gets hit with a non-lethal spell but takes his final fall anyways. It is one of those times I’m not ashamed of the fact that I bawled my eyes out. After everything he and Harry had already endured, it was just so terrible and so unfair.

Pin auf Harry Potter

21. Uncle Iroh’s Son – Avatar : The Last Airbender

I never did understand this part when I was little but now that I’m older and have lost some people in my life this hits hard.

22. Poussey Washington – Orange is the New Black

The flashbacks of her life and the riot after her death made the season so special. The tragedy was really in the pointlessness of her death.

23. Qui-Gon Jinn – Star Wars

He was one of the few who knew that the order wasn’t always righteous.

Death Of Qui-gon Jinn GIF by Tom_Cody | Gfycat

24. Nina Tucker : Full Metal Alchemist

As much as I want to, I can’t hate Scar for this. Even if the military condemned it, you know they wouldn’t hesitate to experiment on a human/animal chimera that they already possessed. In truth, Scar was being merciful.

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