21 Savage Recalls T.I. Turning Him Down For $1 Million Record Deal

Written by Trey Alston

In a recent episode of the ExpediTIously Podcast T.I. and 21 Savage talked about the latter’s rise and a record deal that never happened. 
When 21 Savage first came into the music sector and was trying to showcase his talents, he approached T.I. for a $1 million record deal. 
But T.I. rejected the deal; he felt 21 Savage would be much better off if he remained independent. 
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“I had the same conversation with (Young) Thug,” T.I. said.. “If I give you a $1 million, I’m going to take 10 times as much because that’s just the way the game goes. If you want to maintain ownership of your art and equity in your art, you need to go through those rough times in the beginning.”

“Can’t accept upfront money and cushion your blow,” he continued. “You have to go ahead ……

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